Womens B

2Messi Buns1171343182522
3AP Dynamo125254336717
4Goal Diggers122281460-468
5Red Devils111191353-404

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1Celine TESSIERAP Dynamo13
2Lauren DE JONGFradistats9
3Melanie BROUSEMessi Buns9
4Zoe ZIMBALATTIFradistats8
5Emily KRAFTFradistats7
6Emma LINDEMANAP Dynamo7
7Jessica DIGGLESFradistats7
8Shawnee YEOMANS SILLSGoal Diggers7
9Tori GRAVELLEMessi Buns7
10Madison CHRISTIE Fradistats6

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Alex PARKERMessi Buns5
2Joy SIMPSONFradistats3
3Amanda BEAUDRYAP Dynamo2
4Shawna MITCHELLFradistats2
5Stephanie ROBITAILLEFradistats2
6Alisha FOURNIERMessi Buns1
7Bryanna WOODAP Dynamo1
8Sara PICKLESMessi Buns1

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Womens A
Crossfit 70510 - 1 Barely Legal
Ball Busters3 - 0 Wiz Khafifa

Womens B
Red Devils0 - 3 AP Dynamo
Goal Diggers0 - 5 Messi Buns
Messi Buns0 - 4 Fradistats


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