Womens A

1Ball Busters129214393429
2Crossfit 7051272355193623
3Wiz Khafifa123091640-249
4Barely Legal123091056-469

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1Ashley COMMANDACrossfit 70515
2Kathleen PROVENCHERCrossfit 70512
3Christina VISCARDICrossfit 7059
4Maggie MCKEEBall Busters7
5Kara CASTIGLIONEBall Busters5
6Lia CASTIGLIONEBall Busters5
7Steph AGUIARBarely Legal5
8Toree DUPONTBall Busters5
9Abby L'AMIWiz Khafifa4
10Hannah DESROSIERSWiz Khafifa4

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Dominique SENECALBall Busters6
2Eleonore GRAVELCrossfit 7052
3Savana BEAULIEUWiz Khafifa2
4Raya SMITHBarely Legal1
5Stephanie GUAYBall Busters1

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Womens A
Crossfit 70510 - 1 Barely Legal
Ball Busters3 - 0 Wiz Khafifa

Womens B
Red Devils0 - 3 AP Dynamo
Goal Diggers0 - 5 Messi Buns
Messi Buns0 - 4 Fradistats


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