Men Division A

1LB Town11101047103731
2Anderson & Ross Ltd1162330131720
3Carr Team C21116053432218
4Leftovers FC114252726114
5To Be Determined00000000

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1Nathan ASHFORDLB Town12
2Jordan TITMUSS LB Town10
3Mihail OGHINACarr Team C219
4Cian WHELANLeftovers FC8
5Daniel ST-ONGECarr Team C218
6Dylan SIMONLB Town6
7Alex ZIMBALATTILeftovers FC5
8Drenady EDWARDSLB Town5
9Joey ST-ONGECarr Team C215
10Lyle TEN EYCKAnderson & Ross Ltd5

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
2Cody BERTHELOTAnderson & Ross Ltd3
3Noah ST-DENISComplete Landscaping FC2
4Jeffrey DEGAGNECarr Team C211
5Nathan SLUISKESLeftovers FC1

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Daves Auto2 - 0 LLPG
Complete Lan3 - 4 Leftovers FC
LB TowndefDavedi
Brewventus1 - 1 Gators
Leftovers FCPreAnderson & R
Daves AutoPreLB Town

Men Over35
TAPT6 - 1 Shadfly FC
TTM2 - 4 Source For S

Fradistats F1 - 4 Crossfit 705
Goal Diggers1 - 6 3rd String
Dynamo Fall1 - 1 NB Storm F
Goal Diggers1 - 3 Dynamo Fall
Crossfit 7052 - 1 NB Storm F
Fradistats FPreRed Devils F


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