Over 35

1Thailand Tobacco Monopoly127322820824
2Los Blancos126243132-120
3Nova Stone124352422215
4Salty Old Bastards124262216614
5Sports Cut123271429-1511

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1Cyril OKEBANAMALos Blancos14
2Hervé MILITYThailand Tobacco Monopoly14
3Renato MACIELSalty Old Bastards8
4Campbell ROBERTSONThailand Tobacco Monopoly7
5Claudio DEVUONONova Stone6
6Nelson FERREIRA Salty Old Bastards5
7Anthony AKOMAHLos Blancos4
8Carlo DEVUONONova Stone4
9Dan MILLERLos Blancos4
10Cameron CULBERTNova Stone3

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Ryan CULHANESalty Old Bastards2
2Eric HENDERSONSalty Old Bastards1
3Jeff DECHSports Cut1
4Jeff DEGAGNEThailand Tobacco Monopoly1
5Rick TAUSNova Stone1
6Robert SALIBASports Cut1

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Amigos2 - 9 A&R LTD
Davedi2 - 1 The Station
Stonecutters4 - 1 Moore
CTS CCC16 - 1 Amigos

Over 35
Los Blancos5 - 3 TTM
Nova Stone5 - 2 Sports Cut


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