Members meeting February 5, 2020

Opened at 7:05pm
Location: Davedi Club
Mark Hopper – President
Rob Celebre – Vice President
Anthony DeVuono – Convener & Secretary
Carlo Berardi – Treasurer
Campbell Robertson – Director at Large
Karen Rocha – Youth Select Soccer
Rob McKay – Youth Select Soccer
Luke Morris – Director at Large
Paul Krajc – Moore Propane
Brian McTiernan – Youth Select Soccer
Adam Fielder – Anderson & Ross Ltd
Simon Morris – Anderson & Ross Ltd
Robert Saliba – Sports cut FC
Alfredo Riccuiti – Sport scut FC
Anders Lykke – Sports cut FC
Sean Grant – The Station FC
Jeff Portugues – CTS Canadian Career College
Andrew Roberts – Sports cut FC
Mehdi Boussouf – Anderson & Ross Ltd
Kamoru Adekoya – Anderson & Ross Ltd
Mark Bruner – Sports cut FC
Charles Howard – Los Blancos
Christian Celebre-Davedi
Anthony Celeber-Davedi
Steven Seguin
Attendance votes by Proxy:
Giuiliano Celebre – Youth Select Soccer
Mike Hunter – The Station FC
Mike Mancari – Sports cut FC
Marcel Rocha- Youth Select Soccer

- Mark Hopper addressed Patty Forbes from Ontario Soccer (OS) and thanked her for the time she took in assisting with the revision of the constitution.

- Patty recommended to make a motion to put the constitution on the floor to approve the constitution for the Nipissing District Soccer Club

- Motion forward by Mark Hopper, second by Campbell Robertson

- Rob Celebre addressed the members present and explained North Bay Selects Youth Soccer Club
and the Armstrong Park Soccer club under the new Nipissing District Soccer Club (NDSC)
formally known as NDASC.

- Unanimously agreed upon by all members present

- Sean Grant inquired about the rules and regulation changes that would take place with the new
constitution. Mark Hopper explained that each division will continue to operate under the NDSC
as they currently are with guidance from the Board of Directors

- Membership unanimously approved current NDASC board to operate and direct the new

Nipissing District Soccer Club (NDSC) under new constitution.

Adjournment: 7:35pm

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